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This is "FATE 01"
"I made this artwork very personal hoping it would somehow ease how I feel, but instead I feel like I trapped myself in this little bubble plummeting through the unknown, unable and unwilling to stop before the inevitable collision."

- Size: 11x14in printed on Holofoil paper
- Pre-orders open to public March 18th 2023 10am PST
- Pre-orders close April 17th 2023 10pm PST
- Limited first edition of 100 - this is a special and unique yearly release of 100 copies or less. Print will be available for only one month pre-order window, or until 99 copies are sold out, not more than once a year.
- If print is not sold out by 17th April, the edition number will change to the number of sales +1 making it even more exclusive!
- All prints are hand signed and numbered.
- Discounts are not available for this product.
- Shipping is FREE worldwide
- Frame is not included
- Prints will be shipped in the first week of May 2023.

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